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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (GIS/RS) Core Lab is established to provide GIS and Remote Sensing support to the Department of Disaster Science and Management, University of Dhaka. The GIS/RS Laboratory began in 2013 as part of the academic program in Remote Sensing and GIS. The lab is located in the Geology Building at Curzon Hall. It is managed by a lab assistant; and has several faculty advisor's from across the departments on the campus. The lab is used for instruction and research and contains 15 computers and at least 30 people can accommodate at the lab.


The GIS/RS Laboratory provides an environment where faculty, staff and students work together to advance knowledge in the application of geospatial technologies in disaster science and management. We envision the functions of the GIS/RS Laboratory to educate the students, campus community, state and federal agencies, and private or non-governmental organizations through education, outreach and training to make well informed decisions in solving hazards, environmental problems utilizing the combined technology of Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems.

Laboratory Facilities and Equipments:

The GIS/RS Laboratory occupies approximately 750 sq. ft. Area. Various hardware and software are provided by the lab is used by faculty and students to meet their fieldwork needs.

Hardware dedicated to the RS/GIS Laboratory includes

Software use by the GIS/RS Laboratory includes: